60 Day Guarantee

Ocean Rodeo offers an unconditional, 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on every product we sell. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to your original point of purchase for a full refund within the first 60 days.

This offer is valid only with participating retailers, current season product, and is offered only to the original purchaser. For orders placed online, your refund will not include shipping charges, though almost everything bought online ships for free within NA and Europe.

This offer is also only valid for non-professional users. If your company or organization is considering Ocean Rodeo equipment for your fleet or school, get in touch with us to talk about how we support professional buyers and their clients.

This isn’t a demo program! Customers found to repeatedly take advantage of this offer will be disqualified from further returns. If you simply want to demo some gear, get in touch with your local retailer and they will gladly get you out on the water to try before you buy.


All standard Ocean Rodeo products available through Ocean Rodeo Dealers or Ocean Rodeo Online are covered by a One Year Warranty offered to the original purchaser on workmanship, with a One Year Warranty on materials. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the Ocean Rodeo product at our option. 

The Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, fading, color bleeding from wet storage, high speed crashes, misuse or negligence, but not limited to punctures, sun exposure, seam failure due to over inflation by pump or heat exposure, damage caused by use in waves or shore break, and damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is invalid if unauthorized repairs have been carried out. Repairs or alterations not covered by warranty will be charged to the customer. Latex dry suit seals are exempt from warranty.

Discontinued products purchased from Ocean Rodeo Dealers or Ocean Rodeo Online carry a 90 day warranty.

Factory seconds, used, or demo gear purchased on the Online Auction Site carry no warranty.

Ocean Rodeo products used in schools, rentals or other professional applications carry a 30 day warranty.


All drywear warranty claims will now be handled by Mustang Survival.


In the unlikely event that you cancel your order, please help us stop the shipping process by immediately contacting our Customer Service Department within 24 hours of placing the order. Please contact before 3 PM Pacific Standard Time on the same day you placed your order.


NA +1-778-734-2696

NA Toll Free 888-544-4969

EU +31 (0) 71 30 13 459

Business hours 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8)In the event your order has already shipped, and you have not contacted us be phone, email, skype or fax within 24 hours, the conditions of our Shipping Warranty (below) will apply.


Merchandise may not be returned without prior approval from Ocean Rodeo and a Return Authorization Number (RA#). An RA# may be obtained directly from Ocean Rodeo or by your chosen Ocean Rodeo dealer. An RA# is a tracking number and does not confirm authorization for credit, product replacement or warranty. Once an RA# is obtained products may be returned directly to Ocean Rodeo, or to your local Ocean Rodeo dealer. 

How to Return:

Clearly mark your RA# on the outside of the package and return within 30 days.

All return products are to be sent clean and dry and freight pre-paid. A copy of the original invoice and note of explanation with your RA# must be included.

 Ocean Rodeo and your Ocean Rodeo dealer will not accept freight collect shipments.

A 20% re-stocking charge will be assessed for return of stock merchandise unless due to shipping error or warranty.

If returning product directly to Ocean Rodeo, ship products clean, and dry and do not return without a proper Return Authorization Number issued by Ocean Rodeo. Upon receipt of a RA# you will be given specific instructions for where to ship your goods. 

Any package shipped to Ocean Rodeo without an RA# will be refused and returned COD.


Do I need to register my products to qualify for a warranty?

No. However, we always recommend you register [click here] your products in order to ensure we can contact you quickly in the unlikely event of a product recall and to earn some free store credit for submitting an online review! 

Should I talk to Ocean Rodeo or my Dealer about my concerns?

If you bought your product from one of our dealers, first talk to them! They often can help address your concerns quickly. If you bought your product online and have concerns or if your dealer has gone out of business, please use the above form to submit a warranty claim. 

Do I or the store I bought from need a Return Authorization Number to return my product?

Yes. Any product shipped to Ocean Rodeo without a proper RA# will be rejected by the shipping department and returned to you at your cost. Without an RA# we cannot associate your shipment with who you are or what your concerns are. Also, product returns don’t always come to our head office, often we will have you send them to a repair facility closer to your home. 

How long will it take to process my claim and get back on the water?

We’re addicts, just like you and will do everything we can to turn your claim around quickly and to your satisfaction. However, protocol must be followed.

Normally, it takes us 5 working days to receive your return, process it and determine if the claim will be replaced, repaired or denied. We normally ship FedEx ground to return your product so please, factor this into your turn around time estimates.

Repairs: If it is determined that your product is to be repaired, please allow 10 working days to have the repairs taken care of for you. 

Will Ocean Rodeo pay the shipping costs for my return?

No. Our warranty shipping policy is that the customer or shop pay to return the equipment and we will pay to return your repaired, replaced or denied claim back to you or your shop. 

My product is defective but is still useable and the weather conditions are such that I want to keep using it for the next while. Can I process my claim now and ship it to you later?

Yes. Contact your shop or us directly [See above form] to initiate your claim. You can then arrange to have the product sent to us when the winds die down or your vacation ends. Note: This is not an open ended offer! All warranty claims must be processed within the 1 year warranty window. 

What happens if Ocean Rodeo is out of stock of the product I need to have replaced?

Sometimes, if it’s late in a product’s life cycle Ocean Rodeo will elect to replace your product with next year’s model. Other times, Ocean Rodeo may elect to replace your product with a comparable product from the same season after consulting with you for your alternative replacement choice. 

Can Ocean Rodeo fix my product that I broke or tore by accident?

No. Ocean Rodeo is not a kite or drysuit repair facility but we do partner with excellent options to get you on the water quickly with a professionally done repair. 

How often should I call or email to check on the status of my warranty claim?

Please keep your calls and emails to a minimum. If you’ve received confirmation that we have received your claim and the defective product, rest easy that we are looking into it for you. If you do not hear from us in 5 business days after receipt of your damaged product (as verified by your tracking information) please feel free to reach out for more details. 

Where can I get spare parts for my Ocean Rodeo kites, boards or accessories?

In general, we do not fulfill small part orders direct to the customer. Your product likely shipped with some spare parts and many of our retail partners stock Ocean Rodeo spare parts. If your warranty claim was the direct result of a defective or questionable lifespan of a spare part, in many cases we will process your warranty claim and attempt to include extra parts to help you out moving forward as a courtesy. Note: this is only in the event that we have the parts on hand and / or deem the situation worthy of the need to supply extra parts as a precautionary measure moving forward.