Through the ReRide program, we aim to keep Ocean Rodeo products out on the water for as long as possible.


For the past 20 years, Ocean Rodeo has remained consistently at the forefront of technical and material innovation, continuing to break barriers in kite and wing technology.

We believe innovation should be shared, and the longer we can keep our kites and wings sailing, the more we can collectively reduce our impact on the planet.


Same Gear, New Tricks. Through the ReRide program, we take gently used Ocean Rodeo products and fully inspect, clean, and repair them, before listing them here for resale through our online store.


Sale Off
ReRide 2023 Rise 10m A-Series

$2,812.00 CAD$1,900.00 CAD
Sale Off
ReRide 2023 Roam 10m A-Series

$3,499.00 CAD$1,979.00 CAD
Sale Off
ReRide 2023 Glide 5m A-Series

$1,989.00 CAD$1,279.00 CAD
Sale Off
ReRide 2020 Crave D-Series 8m

$1,499.00 CAD$399.00 CAD
Sale Off
ReRide Flite Gen 6.5 8m

$1,439.00 CAD$500.00 CAD


Not all gear we receive back can be refurbished.

You can be assured we take one extra step before it goes to the landfill by donating these kites and wings to Salt Legacy.

The team at Salt Legacy will further recycle and extend the life of these materials by turning them into high quality Canadian made bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ReRide program work?

Through the ReRide program, we aim to keep Ocean Rodeo products out on the water for as long as possible. We take back gear that isn’t being used and fully inspect, clean, and repair it, before listing it here on our online store for resale at a discount.

Tell me more about the products?

The items available for purchase are primarily customer trade-ins. These are items that may have been on an adventure or two and still perform the way they were designed to. All trade-in items are quality tested to meet strict performance standards before being available for purchase. 

Where can I buy Ocean Rodeo ReRide items?

Online store only.

What countries is this program available in?

Ocean Rodeo ReRide is currently available for customers located in Canada, United States and Australia. Customers from Australia should visit our US website to make a purchase: